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Hey, welcome to my website. This is where I pull together all my video-related content, as well as my personal blog.

My Work

I work as a multimedia producer for a luxury spirits manufacturer, and I’m based in Glasgow, Scotland.
Sam Thom photograph

My Interests

I’m a creative first and foremost. I love papier mache, resins, clay, plaster of paris, cardboard, inks, paper, pencils, paint, canvas. I used to make props in my spare time at the BBC – huge, 2D heads of presenters, Oscar statuettes, hardboard flats for our summer parties, I made comics when I was a kid, and called them graphic novels (okay, short stories) when I got older. I wrote daft plays, short stories and invented the FM/MW Radioshoe. Ahem.

I’m fascinated by telling stories. I mostly do that through video nowadays: at work, but also the occasional passion project. I’m particularly interested in indie filmmakers, especially those self-funded moviemakers who work on an absolute shoestring. As a tribute to their hardwork and the hope that one day I’ll make a feature length film, I run a podcast project called I Am Do Filmmaker.

Of course, in my career I’m a journalist. I like current affairs, the Guardian App, junk celeb news from the Metro; I love BBC Radio 4, podcasts about video production and marketing, and browsing the internet. I’m also really fascinated by marketing. It’s more than ‘persuading us to buy stuff’…it’s actually a profound science, craft and art, the gray areas of which bleed in to politics, philosophy, science, neuroscience and many other fields.

About Me

I’m from Scotland. The east coast. A little town called Brechin. I grew up there, and like lots of youngsters from sleepy, rural towns, I got out as soon as I could. I moved to Dundee and studied Civil Engineering. That was uninspiring, though I learned a bit of surveying and how to make 3-2-1 concrete mix. Then after some hitch-hiking adventures, I made it to Southampton University to study archaeology.

I served my time with a trowel during my time at Southampton, but I was more attracted to journalism as a career. So, I began in local newspapers in High Wycombe, then a news agency in Reading, then back to Scotland freelancing. I retrained in radio broadcasting, which eventually led to a 9 year shift at the BBC.

The bulk of my time there was spent as a producer making 30 minute radio features for BBC Radio Scotland, but I also reported and presented for BBC World Service, Radio 4 and 5, as well as for the early digital TV channel, BBC Choice. I left the BBC in 2008 and became a freelance content producer, running digital projects companies and organisations, including the EU.

I had been making video since 2007, but by 2010 I became almost exclusively a video producer. I was an early adopter for the Canon 5DII, Apple MacBook Pro and Final Cut Pro 7 workflow, and was one of the few people in north east Scotland at that time making corporates using that wonderful, full 35mm sensor.

By 2012, I was looking for new challenges and so took a job in London working as a video producer for a marketing agency, called Summit. And two years later I moved back to Scotland to take a job as multimedia producer with Chivas Brothers.