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Adam Lisagor’s Video Humour

September 7, 2014

Watch any of Adam Lisagor’s videos.

He combines two elements essential to storytelling in video marketing: 1. Clearly-told story; and 2. Narrative device.

He also mostly uses humour – which he’s very good at – to make the videos memorable.

In the video example above, for a start-up called Flag, all the key questions are addressed with concise answers (the clear story) and the guy sitting talking to us while his daft friend sits in the back making remarks (the narrative device).

On top of that there are at least 5 clever, smile-raising gags and at least one ‘laugh-out-loud’.

These videos will cost a fair bit, I reckon. There’s cost in the location, props and set design and acting talent.

And then there’s the skill to be able to write scripts as sharp and ‘roomy’ as these.

But you should watch them and adopt the takeaway message: less is more.

Visit his production company Sandwich’s website, and watch a bunch of other videos.

Here’s another of my favourites:

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