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Let’s Stop Flashmobbing…please

February 25, 2013

Generally flashmobs get me down. They were interesting four years ago, even then they were wearing thin.

I’ve the classy train station ones, the opera singing, the folk in their pants on the Metro. Yawn.

I’ve got to hand it to the Russians. They’ve made me sit up and watch with this unexpected routine.

It starts off a bit like a mobile phone caught an argument between a boyfriend and girlfriend, then…well, watch it and see.

(Of course, six months before and after this was filmed that same St Petersburg river was, and will be, the scene of multiple alcohol-related deaths caused misadventure and suicide.)

Never mind. Let’s graduate!

PS. Let’s have no more flashmobs, please. If you have the idea of arranging one, Don’t. Don’t tell anyone you thought about it, but make a not to yourself: never again.

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