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Observational Comedy from South Africa

March 10, 2014

Comedy docudrama – The Office nailed it. 

(Almost) Legends has the feel of The Office to it…you know, the camera hovering about, observing and catching glances, the embarrassment.

In this case it’s South Africa and back in 2010 when it hosted the World Cup. This series looks at seven people who hope their lives will improve when the event comes to SA.

I’m really a fan of this type of filmmaking.

An observational camera viewpoint will pick up all that unconscious behaviour which reveals so much about people. That;s where the humour is.

Or where it should be.

They’ve done not too badly in this film. Look out for the sequences with Gary Grant and wife. Actually, look out for all the sequences  – the whole ting is pretty well done.

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

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