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Blame it on the rib

December 5, 2014

Muslims are hilarious.

My Muslim taxi driver quoted the Koran when we were discussing how hopeless it is to try to understand women.

This was on a journey between Beith and Paisley.

I said something about how I would try to be more patient and less stubborn in my next relationship.

The driver, a dark-skinned, almost-dashing man of about 35 years of age, with a classic ‘Islamic’ beard, spoke into the rear-view mirror.

“There’s a story in the Koran that tells how woman is made from man’s rib.”

“Ha ha. Go on.”

“The prophet says that this rib bone is curved and can never be straightened.”

“He he. Continue.”

“This means, my friend, you waste your time trying to change a woman. They will always be difficult. You can do nothing.”

“Ha ha. Wait, what?”

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