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Chip shop finger

December 11, 2014

I bought a haggis and chips the other night from a place on Great Western Road.

The bloke scooped up a load of chips and lay them down alongside the haggis.

But a great big fat one ended up at right angles to the rest – poking out the polystyrene tray.

And when he tried to close the lid he couldn’t because of that chip.

Anyone else would have straightened it into line with the rest and then the lid would have closed easily, but not my guy.

He left that chip right there, and forced the lid shut, pinching the chip across its waist and leaving the lid twisted out of shape.

He handed me the closed tray with a straight face.

I looked at the other customer in the shop then back to the bloke holding the tray – like a big yellow fist with its middle finger sticking up saying “F*ck you!”

That was worthy of a scene in a David Lynch movie.

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