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Early Modern

January 26, 2015

“That’s so Early Modern,” says Sofagurl.

“How do you mean?” I reply.

I told her about my disrupted sleeping pattern: eat between 8 and 9pm, fall onto the bed, make a phone call, pass out, wake up about 3am, take off my work clothes, go for a pee, get back into bed, read the Guardian news app, nod off at 4, sleep until 6.30am, get up.

“That’s what they did in the Early Modern period. It’s natural. Work during the day, sleep, wake up in the middle of the night, do some work about the house, then go back to sleep, then get up at the beginning of the day. It’s a natural rhythm.”

All of a sudden I’m less stressed about my disrupted sleep.

“When was Early Modern? 1920s…?”

“Noooo, 1450 to 1750.”


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