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Factory fan

November 26, 2014

Generally, I like factories and the people who work in them.

I say that because I had a tour of a bottling plant this week.

Years ago, I worked four long, hot summers in a fruit canning factory in the early 1980s, I did an eight month stint in a jute factory in 1984, then another eight months in another canning factory in 1994. And a bunch of other factories on temp shifts.

I remember:

* Running to the pub at 10.05pm, through balmy July nights, after a 12 hour shift in the noisy, sweaty syrup room
* Doing dance routines with scallywags between the lipstick lines of the MaxFactor plant in Poole while Bros played on the tannoy
* Learning daft knife-throwing tricks in the smoke-filled restroom, taught by blokes I’d read about in Around the Courts, who were convicted of brawling and beating people up
* Hanging £20 and £50 notes on the kitchen washing line after receiving big pay packets for long shifts

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