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Hull, Paris and three decades

November 17, 2014

I left Hull, and the HQ of the company I’ve been with for two years, for the last time tonight – the last week of work before I drive north for a new job in Scotland.

I’ve got a Hull connection from 30 years ago, which I had forgotten about.

I was hitchhiking through Paris in 1984. I phoned the home of the family my sister had au paired for the year earlier, the new au pair answered the phone and I arranged to meet her.

She was from Hull. She was REALLY into judo and extremely proud of her city’s white phone boxes and independent telephone system. Ha ha. (It is pretty cool, actually!)

That evening we went into the city, had a few drinks and ran about the Champs Elysee and Arc de Triomphe acting terribly British.

I must look up the rest of the story in the diaries I kept, written in the earnest prose I was fond of back then, mimicking Jerome K Jerome or some such author.

We exchanged letters a couple of times after, but I recall getting a karate kick in the nuts in her room later that evening.

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