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Not my tripod

November 22, 2014

My tripod has been like a cat to me.

And I’m really going to miss it.

That won’t mean much to people who’ve got families, children, dogs or hamsters, comic book collections, calf implants and the like.

But I’ve been using that Miller tripod with Compass fluid head nearly everyday for two years. Its been a pleasure to work with.

Like a cat, it’s independent, resilient, requires minimal attention and has nine lives. And it’s always there.

I like cats.

I spent my final day in the office today boxing up all the video production equipment to sell on Ebay – my (it’s the company’s, really) tripod among it all.

We bought it new for £2,200; someone will snap it up for £1,500. I wish I could meet the winning buyer beforehand and check their credentials.

I want that tripod to go with someone who’ll love it like I love it.

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