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The breakfast of kings

December 15, 2014

The company I just joined targets ‘high net worth individuals’, but on weekdays at 8.30am my mind is on the treasure in its canteen.

Take this morning, for example, in the hot cabinets from left to right: toast (aye, not the square crap, but the tall stuff); fried and scrambled eggs; bacon (broad, brown and occasionally crispy); square sausage (OMG!); haggis (plain); black pudding (common or garden); link sausage (the weak item in the display, in my opinion); mushrooms (oh man…); hash browns (triangles of pleasure); potato scones (nicely warmed); baked beans.

No joking, but I put on about 4lbs in my first three weeks because I had a canteen breakfast every morning.

But the party’s over. I can barely get my trousers over my hurdies so I knocked all that on the head.

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