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The vest gift

December 8, 2014

Tonight I hit a pothole on a slip road to the M8 and it burst the tyre on the front driver’s side.

After behaving like a lunatic and jumping up and down on the hard shoulder, I took off my suit jacket and put on an old jumper I had in the boot, ready to replace the wheel.

And then, while I was loosening the bolts of the wheel a bloke appeared out of nowhere and handed me a green, high visibility vest.

He shouted over his shoulder, “Good luck!”, as he sprinted back to his little car about 50m ahead of mine on the hard shoulder.

Two hours later, after my drive back to Glasgow, after buying and eating a haggis supper, after drinking tea at home and reading the news apps on my mobile, I went to my bedroom and took off the vest before getting ready for bed.

The vest hangs on my wardrobe door, but it should be in the car.

I’m going to write to the one of those newspaper columns where readers thank people who helped them.

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