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Tutorial – Camera Movement: Sliders Made Exciting Again

June 15, 2014

Right be honest, how many of you on a shoot in which you’ve planned to use a slider, have run out of time and dropped it from your  list, opting instead for a static shot or tripod pan?

Ughh, I’ve done that too many times to mention, but then I normally add these shots in as a ‘nice-to-have’, and now expect that I’ll never get those shots.

Well, this video is a really exciting tutorial on how to use your slider.

It’s reminded me of the creative potential these devices give us in our shots. Lately I have left my slider at home (especially when I’m travelling light) because I see the hassle rather than the opportunity.

Well, no more! And it’s all thanks to this tut from Premium Beats.

See the other videos in the is tutorial series Playlist here.

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