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Tutorial – BTS Commercials: Pour Homme & Pour Femme

August 27, 2014

If you’re a solo shooter like I am, then you must look at commercial shoots with envy…and a little dismay!
This shoot looks so glamorous!
Like all Behind the Scenes videos, the number of people running around – or often just sitting around – is in stark contrast to the solo shooter who has to do everything, often with the minimum of equipment in the least amount of time, in the conditions available at that time: and so the solo shooter is often busy, busy , busy!
All the work of the designers, stylists, grips and so on, on these projects, has to be done by the solo shooter. But, you know, that’s part of the fun in the job.
I’ve worked on a BP commercial shoot in Aberdeen and the crew was only about 7 + runner: me. That was still stressful though, and it makes me think that it’s just different stress.
When there’s more at stake, higher budgets, exotic locations, expensive talent and so on, then it’s important to bring the project in as planned.
This is a really interesting BTS. Look beyond the person speaking at what’s going on around him.
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