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This portfolio gives a cross section of the video content I’ve made over the past 7 years. There are examples of reporting, presentation, music video, interviews, features and documentary. These videos have been made for corporate clients, organisations and my current employer. Once again, it’s the story that’s important, not so much the gear you use to film it. In fact, it’s the people in the videos that are important. Get them to tell their story.

The range of cameras I’ve used include the Canon XF305, XF100, HF100, XL1, GL2, EOS 5DII, 60D, Sony Z1, Z7. As you can see, I love Canon camcorders. Also, having sat alone in radio studios making features and docs for so many years, I’m a bit of a disciplinarian when it comes to audio. I’ll use Sony, Sennheiser, Rode, any mics I can get my hands on, but I always get them in close.