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Emotion in Video #3: Family & DIY

July 12, 2014

“Your family is perfect, your home should be, too” is the central message of this very touching video for Peruvian DIY chain Comercial Promart Homecenter.

This video compares maintenance of the home with maintenance of the family.

That’s a clever comparison, but whether it’s effective or not depends in many ways on the attitude, values and experience of the viewer: are they a parent, are they sensitive to the message within the video, are the older etc

So, what’s the emotion the creators are tapping into in this video? I think it’s largely sentimental in the way it portrays family love.

That sentimentality is dialled up further because of the traditional strength in the father and daughter relationship. It’s ratcheted up further still because the appearance of the man playing the father is not at first glance one associated with a loving relationship with a daughter.

And then finally, the daughter turns out to be deaf. The father’s a hero because he’s added a new dimension to this young girl’s life. (Sorry, I gave it away.)

The emotions are the most fundamental way we have of connecting with one another, so to use emotions in your videos is to use our most basic channel for expression.

Don’t forget when you watch a video like this, ask yourself what its objective was:

  1. Strengthen the brand
  2. Create loyalty
  3. Conversion
  4. etc

I have no evidence to suggest this video was a success in whatever its aim was, but I believe it was a good attempt at using emotion to reach out to customers and strengthen they way they view the Promart brand.

Watch the ad and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Did you enjoy the film
  2. What did you get from the story
  3. What kind of feelings did it leave you with

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