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Emotion in Video # 4: Fish in Blender

August 3, 2014

Aimlessly torturing or killing animals is the preserve of the mindless psychotic teenager – there’s an archetype environmental campaign group Greenpeace Australia Pacific can really get their teeth into.

Image of Disney Nemo-lookalike clownfish in a food blender to highlight the threat of environmental damage to Australia's Great Barrier Reef World Heritage AreaAnd so they did, with their Power to Save video in which a Finding Nemo lookalike clownfish (one of Disney’s best animated characters) swims above a coral reef…but as the camera tracks back, we see the marine scene is set inside a food blender.

The ad highlights Greenpeace’s claims that plans to create a huge coal mine in Queensland, Australia, will result in millions of tonnes of seafloor being dredged and dumped into the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area to create a channel for coal ships.

The male voiceover reads: “How much will we destroy in the pursuit of profit and power?”

Screen goes black.

Cue the click of the switch as the blender goes to work.

The video was published on YouTube on 21st July 2014, has received 91,319 views, 195 thumbs up, and loads of comments.

Is it emotional? It should be for me – I love the Finding Nemo film. But I think I’m less susceptible to this kind of emotion trigger.

Emotion is important in video marketing because it prompts the viewer to engage on more fundamental levels, leading to viewer action and more profound associations.

I’m repulsed by the idea of blending a fish as the film suggests, but it’s really only stimulating me as a piece of video and not in its intention of triggering a call to action: there’s a YouTube clickable annotation at the end prompting me to sign a petition.

It may be this is too subtle for me. But then I don’t respond positively to ‘meat is murder’ campaign group PETA’s shocking video tactics.

Thanks to industry magazine Marketing for highlighting this video.

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