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How to Use AdWords on YouTube Video

December 11, 2013

Image showing web video ad platforms The Peloton and Innovid for in-video ad platforms

In-video interactive adverts, that is options to click and view highly specific content within the existing video, look like they could help measure that vital ROI.

Measuring ROI, the bottom line in business that wants to connect investment with reward, has always been problematic in video marketing.

Yes, we can measure clicks, estimate view times and any number of other innovative measurements that YouTube Analytics and other video distribution platforms may offer, but there’s always been that yawning gap between cause and effect.

Interactivity could offer a way to provide convincing ROI data.

Two examples of in-video ad frameworks have been featured in an Econsultancy blog.

Econsultancy’s Ben Davis published an interesting blog post posing the question: What are the possibilities with online video ad creative in which he showed techniques that draw viewers into content within a video and gets them to engage.

For example, they might make selections within a temporary user interface (still within the video player and while the original video is paused), such as making purchases or giving answers in a poll and so on. He used Innovid for some of those examples.

And then there’s the article from Smart Insights guest blogger Jon Westbrook from The Peloton, entitled The Problem with video marketing?… ROI…The cure?…

Here, Jon sets out the ROI conundrum and the case for interactivity, featuring a pharmaceutical case study, in an interesting blog post.

This kind of technology will become more and more prevalent, but there will no doubt be other techniques apart from interactivity.

When it comes to the web, where there’s a will there’s a way.

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