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One Man and Plug Socket = Mayhem

September 8, 2014

The Photon Blaster may be the world’s most powerful torch, according to creator and YouTuber PhotonicInduction, (who makes a few modifications to it).

This is a channel of wacky scientific experimentation that belongs to an online community wayyyy less glam than all those shopping hauls, make-up vids, and fashion vlogs…but with a fanbase equally passionate. (I think.)

Just spend a few mins watching the inventiveness of this chap, PhotonicInduction.

Then look at his channel comments, the subscriber numbers and the viewer numbers.

Then go back and look at his presentation style, the camerawork, and the flow of the videos. He’s really good at feeding his audience.

Google says people that want to increase their viewing stats should collaborate with other YouTubers. It’s an interesting little exercise to consider who could partner with this guy.

It’s probably not a 19-year-old girl making videos about teeth whitening or her observations on how boys are so immature, but put a white coat on him, give him £10k to kit out a garage and shoot with an Arri or Red and he’d look pretty awesome.

But all those loyal fans around the world who wait on his next video might begin to doubt his authenticity and drift on to the next science vlogger.

Just my observations. It’s a great channel.

PhotonicInduction is a gloriously experimental YouTube channel combining washing machines, record players, drills, and the like with destruction, explosions, lightning. It’s electrical mayhem.


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