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Where the Video Agency Spends Your Budget

March 11, 2014

This infographic shows the breakdown of costs of producing a product/brand video.

It shows that 45% of costs are accounted for in the pre-production phase, the rest being production, post-production, feedback and finishing.

Image of pie chart showing how video production agencies break down  their costs

We should always be aware of how long projects take and where our money is being spent, and if you commission video from a production company, it’s very useful for you to know how much the various stages may cost.

I’m not sure what expenditure that includes (man hours, use of capital and/or revenue equipment, travel and so on).

It’s difficult to measure my own costs (for example, I don’t have a breakdown of charges for a client), because I’m an employee, and because I shoot mainly corporate videos inside the company, so I visualise the work I do in terms of time: how long each stage takes.

And when I compare it to this infographic, produced by US video production company from Rebel Unit, it’s still useful. I reckon the 45% still holds up on the ratio of pre-production versus production and post.

Of course, how you use visualisations is always interesting.

How will I use this? It’s made me think more about time keeping on future projects so I can see where I’m spending time, where I can save time and also where I’m losing time.

I think I’ll also try to overlap these types of timelogs to see how I manage multiple projects.
So, thanks to Unit Medea for putting this together.

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